Northwest Conference Staff

Name Title Phone E-Mail
Kimberly Wenger
503-352-7262 [email protected]


Name Title Phone E-Mail
Robin Baker
George Fox President
503-554-2102 [email protected]
Wim Wiewel
Lewis & Clark President
503-768-7680 [email protected]
Miles K. Davis
Linfield President
503-883-2408 [email protected]
Allan Belton
Pacific Lutheran Acting President
253-535-7101 [email protected]
Lesley Hallick
Pacific University President
503-352-2123 [email protected]
Isiaah Crawford
Puget Sound President
253-879-3201 [email protected]
Kathleen Murray
Whitman President
509-527-5132 [email protected]
Beck Taylor
Whitworth President
509-777-4665 [email protected]
Stephen Thorsett
Willamette President
503-370-6209 [email protected]

Athletic Directors

Name Title Phone E-Mail
Adam Puckett
George Fox Athletic Director
503-554-2911 [email protected]
Shana Levine
Lewis & Clark Athletic Director
503-768-7548 [email protected]
Garry Killgore
Linfield Athletic Director
503-883-2410 [email protected]
Laurie Turner
Pacific Lutheran Athletic Director
253-535-7361 [email protected]
Ken Schumann
Pacific University Athletic Director
503-352-2180 [email protected]
Amy Hackett
Puget Sound Athletic Director
253-879-3426 [email protected]
Michelle Ferenz
Whitman Interim Athletic Director
509-527-5261 [email protected]
Tim Demant
Whitworth Athletic Director
509-777-3600 [email protected]
Rob Passage
Willamette Athletic Director
503-370-6217 [email protected]

Faculty Athletic Representatives

Name Title Phone E-Mail
Davidia Brown
George Fox FAR
503-554-2715 [email protected]
Anne Bentley
Lewis & Clark FAR
503-768-7579 [email protected]
Keith Dede
Lewis & Clark FAR
503-768-7445 [email protected]
Lee Bakner
Linfield FAR
503-883-2578 [email protected]
Keith Cooper
Pacific Lutheran FAR
253-535-7234 [email protected]
Lisa Sardinia
Pacific University FAR
503-352-2729 [email protected]
Fred Hammel
Puget Sound FAR
253-879-3384 [email protected]
Doug Juers
Whitman FAR
509-527-5229 [email protected]
Martha Gady
Whitworth FAR
509-777-4328 [email protected]
Brandi Row Lazzarini
Willamette FAR
503-370-6423 [email protected]
Kelley Strawn
Willamette FAR
503-370-6196 [email protected]

Senior Woman Administrators

Name Title Phone E-Mail
Elise Trask
George Fox Associate AD/SWA
503-554-2934 [email protected]
Sharon Sexton
Lewis & Clark Associate AD/SWA
503-768-7073 [email protected]
Amy Dames Smith
Linfield Assistant AD/SWA
503-883-2372 [email protected]
Jennifer Thomas
Pacific Lutheran Associate AD/SWA
253-535-8109 [email protected]
Lauren Brownrigg
Pacific University Associate AD/SWA
503-352-2186 [email protected]
Michelle Ferenz
Whitman Associate AD/SWA
509-527-5261 [email protected]
Jo Ann Wagstaff
Whitworth Associate AD/SWA
509-777-4311 [email protected]
Judy Gordon
Willamette Associate AD/SWA
503-370-6506 [email protected]

Compliance Officers

Name Title Phone E-Mail
Jessica Hollen
George Fox Compliance Officer
503-554-2921 [email protected]
Sharon Sexton
Lewis & Clark Compliance Officer
503-768-7073 [email protected]
Lisa Macy-Baker
Linfield Compliance Officer
503-883-2710 [email protected]
Jennifer Thomas
Pacific Lutheran Compliance Officer
253-535-8109 [email protected]
Lauren Brownrigg
Pacific University Compliance Officer
503-352-2186 [email protected]
Scott Shields
Whitman Compliance Officer
509-527-5414 [email protected]
Kati Bodecker
Whitworth Compliance Officer
509-777-4391 [email protected]
Judy Gordon
Willamette Compliance Officer
503-370-6505 [email protected]

Athletic Trainers

Name Title Phone E-Mail
Dale Isaak
George Fox Head Athletic Trainer
503-554-2916 [email protected]
Mark Pietrok
Lewis & Clark Head Athletic Trainer
503-768-7065 [email protected]
Duane Duey
Linfield Head Athletic Trainer
503-883-2415 [email protected]
Aaron Gunther
Pacific Lutheran Head Athletic Trainer
253-535-7366 [email protected]
Eric Pitkanen
Pacific University Head Athletic Trainer
503-352-2896 [email protected]
Craig Bennett
Puget Sound Head Athletic Trainer
253-879-3441 [email protected]
John Eckel
Whitman Head Athletic Trainer
509-527-5590 [email protected]
Jon Bosh
Whitworth Head Athletic Trainer
509-777-3728 [email protected]
Ken Smith
Willamette Head Athletic Trainer
503-370-6672 [email protected]

Sports Information Directors

Name Title Phone E-Mail
Danny Cross
George Fox SID
503-554-2926 [email protected]
Ryan Goff
Lewis & Clark Interim SID
503-768-7029 [email protected]
Kelly Bird
Linfield SID
503-883-2439 [email protected]
Mark Albanese
Pacific Lutheran SID
253-535-7356 [email protected]
Danny Kambel
Pacific University SID
503-352-2161 [email protected]
Gregor Walz
Puget Sound SID
253-879-3974 [email protected]
Gregg Petcoff
Whitman SID
509-527-5902 [email protected]
Steve Flegel
Whitworth SID
509-777-3239 [email protected]
Robert McKinney
Willamette SID
503-370-6110 [email protected]

Student-Athlete Advisory Committee Advisors

Name Title Phone E-Mail
Elise Trask
George Fox SAAC Advisor
503-554-2934 [email protected]
Monica Baker
Lewis & Clark Co-SAAC Advisor
503-768-7710 [email protected]
Shawna Cyrus
Lewis & Clark Co-SAAC Advisor
503-768-7552 [email protected]
Amy Dames Smith
Linfield SAAC Advisor
503-883-2372 [email protected]
Jennifer Thomas
Pacific Lutheran SAAC Advisor
253-535-8109 [email protected]
Angela Moberg
Pacific SAAC Advisor
503-352-2138 [email protected]
Amy Hackett
Puget Sound SAAC Advisor
253-879-3426 [email protected]
Michelle Ferenz
Whitman SAAC Advisor
509-527-5261 [email protected]
Cristal Brown
Whitworth SAAC Advisor
509-777-4397 [email protected]
Leslie Shevlin
Willamette SAAC Advisor
503-370-6601 [email protected]

Baseball Coaches

Name Title Phone E-Mail
Marty Hunter
George Fox Head Baseball Coach
503-554-2914 [email protected]
Matt Kosderka
Lewis & Clark Head Baseball Coach
503-768-7059 [email protected]
Stan Manley
Linfield Head Baseball Coach
503-883-2929 [email protected]
Nolan Soete
Pacific Lutheran Head Baseball Coach
253-535-8789 [email protected]
Brian Billings
Pacific University Head Baseball Coach
503-352-2832 [email protected]
Jeff Halstead
Puget Sound Head Baseball Coach
253-879-3460 [email protected]
Brian Kitamura
Whitman Head Baseball Coach
509-522-4438 [email protected]
CJ Perry
Whitworth Head Baseball Coach
509-777-4394 [email protected]
Aaron Swick
Willamette Head Baseball Coach
503-370-6011 [email protected]

Men's Basketball Coaches

Name Title Phone E-Mail
Maco Hamilton
George Fox Head Men's Basketball Coach
503-554-2918 [email protected]
Jerod Gibson
Interim Pacific Head Men's Basketball Coach
503-352-2835 [email protected]
Dinari Foreman
Lewis & Clark Head Men's Basketball Coach
503-768-7059 [email protected]
Shanan Rosenburg
Linfield Head Men's Basketball Coach
503-883-2529 [email protected]
Chad Murray
Pacific Lutheran Head Men's Basketball Coach
253-535-8452 [email protected]
Justin Lunt
Puget Sound Head Men's Basketball Coach
253-879-3459 [email protected]
Eric Bridgeland
Whitman Head Men's Basketball Coach
509-526-4724 [email protected]
Matt Logie
Whitworth Head Men's Basketball Coach
509-777-4422 [email protected]
Kip Ioane
Willamette Head Men's Basketball Coach
503-370-6063 [email protected]

Women's Basketball Coaches

Name Title Phone E-Mail
Michael Meek
George Fox Head Women's Basketball Coach
503-554-2920 [email protected]
Pamela Findlay
Lewis & Clark Head Women's Basketball Coach
503-768-7545 [email protected]
Casey Bunn-Wilson
Linfield Head Women's Basketball Coach
503-883-2412 [email protected]
Larry Davis
Pacific Interim Head Women's Basketball Coach
503-352-2835 [email protected]
Jennifer Childress
Pacific Lutheran Head Women's Basketball Coach
253-535-7353 [email protected]
Casey Kushiyama
Puget Sound Head Women's Basketball Coach
253-879-3421 [email protected]
Michelle Ferenz
Whitman Head Women's Basketball Coach
509-527-5261 [email protected]
Helen Higgs
Whitworth Head Women's Basketball Coach
509-777-4376 [email protected]
Peg Swadener
Willamette Head Women's Basketball Coach
503-370-6132 [email protected]

Cross Country Coaches

Name Title Phone E-Mail
Randy Dalzell
George Fox Head Cross Country Coach
503-554-2932 [email protected]
Keith Woodard
Lewis & Clark Head Cross Country Coach
503-768-7025 [email protected]
Mike Blackmore
Linfield Head Cross Country Coach
503-883-2530 [email protected]
Matt Lydum
Pacific Head Cross Country Coach
503-352-2164 [email protected]
Adam Frye
Pacific Lutheran Head Cross Country Coach
253-535-7371 [email protected]
Mike Orechia
Puget Sound Head Cross Country Coach
253-879-3453 [email protected]
Scott Shields
Whitman Head Cross Country Coach
509-527-5414 [email protected]
Toby Schwarz
Whitworth Head Cross Country Coach
509-777-4361 [email protected]
Matt McGuirk
Willamette Head Cross Country Coach
503-370-6898 [email protected]

Football Coaches

Name Title Phone E-Mail
Chris Casey
George Fox Head Football Coach
503-554-2936 [email protected]
Jay Locey
Lewis & Clark Head Football Coach
503-768-7038 [email protected]
Joseph Smith
Linfield Head Football Coach
503-883-2579 [email protected]
Keith Buckley
Pacific Head Football Coach
503-352-1606 [email protected]
Brant McAdams
Pacific Lutheran Head Football Coach
253-535-8311 [email protected]
Jeff Thomas
Puget Sound Head Football Coach
253-879-3457 [email protected]
Rod Sandberg
Whitworth Head Football Coach
509-777-4416 [email protected]
Glen Fowles
Willamette Head Football Coach
503-370-6424 [email protected]

Golf Coaches

Name Title Phone E-Mail
Branden Thompson
George Fox Head Men's Golf Coach
503-554-2929 [email protected]
Mary Jo McCloskey
George Fox Head Women's Golf Coach
503-554-2924 [email protected]
James Yen
Lewis & Clark Head Men's & Women's Golfl Coach
[email protected]
John Sandberg
Linfield Head Men's Golf Coach
503-883-2200 [email protected]
Mitch Wilson
Linfield Head Women's Golf Coach
541-543-7762 [email protected]
Richard Warren
Pacific Head Men's & Women's Golf Coach
503-352-2271 [email protected]
Kris Swanson
Pacific Lutheran Head Men's Golf Coach
360-888-3432 [email protected]
Sara Griffin
Pacific Lutheran Head Women's Golf Coach
206-973-9139 [email protected]
Todd Erwin
Puget Sound Head Golf Coach
253-879-3451 [email protected]
Peter McClure
Whitman Head Men's Golf Coach
509-524-5059 [email protected]
Skip Molitor
Whitman Head Women's Golf Coach
509-527-4970 [email protected]
Scott Kramer
Whitworth Head Men's Golf Coach
509-777-4375 [email protected]
Emily Guthrie
Whitworth Women's Golf Coach
425-923-4456 [email protected]
Patrick Daugherty
Willamette Head Men's & Women's Golf Coach
503-370-6219 [email protected]

Women's Lacrosse Coaches

Name Title Phone E-Mail
Katie Mastropaolo
George Fox Head Women's Lacrosse Coach
503-554-2931 [email protected]
Brittany Hartmann
Linfield Head Women's Lacrosse Coach
503-752-4965 [email protected]
Jacqueline O'Hara (McDevitt)
Pacific Head Women's Lacrosse Coach
503-352-2847 [email protected]
Carrie Sabochik
Puget Sound Head Women's Lacrosse Coach
253-879-3973 [email protected]
Kirkland Lewis
Whitman Head Women's Lacrosse Coach
509-524-2086 [email protected]
Noelle Brouillard
Whitworth Head Women's Lacrosse Coach
509-777-3616 [email protected]
Sarah Lautenbach
Willamette Head Women's Lacrosse Coach
(503) 370-6655 [email protected]

Women's Rowing Coaches

Name Title Phone E-Mail
Sam Taylor
Lewis & Clark Head Women's Rowing Coach
503-768-7556 [email protected]
Sarah Nevin
Mills Head Women's Rowing Coach
510-430-3256 [email protected]
Karolyn Milton
Pacific Head Women's Rowing Coach
503-352-2885 [email protected]
Andy Foltz
Pacific Lutheran Head Women's Rowing Coach
253-686-4077 [email protected]
Aaron Benson
Puget Sound Head Women's Rowing Coach
253-872-3420 [email protected]

Men's Soccer Coaches

Name Title Phone E-Mail
Biniam Afenegus
George Fox Head Men's Soccer Coach
503-554-2910 [email protected]
Adam Howard
Linfield Head Men's Soccer Coach
503-883-2528 [email protected]
Eric Mild
Pacific Head Men's Soccer Coach
503-352-2272 [email protected]
John Yorke
Pacific Lutheran Head Men's Soccer Coach
253-334-8999 [email protected]
Reece Olney
Puget Sound Head Men's Soccer Coach
253-879-3586 [email protected]
Jose Cedeno
Whitman Head Men's Soccer Coach
509-527-5286 [email protected]
Morgan Cathey
Whitworth Head Men's Soccer Coach
509-777-4385 [email protected]
Lloyd Fobi
Willamette Head Men's Soccer Coach
503-370-5428 [email protected]

Women's Soccer Coaches

Name Title Phone E-Mail
Cory Hand
George Fox Head Women's Soccer Coach
503-554-2923 [email protected]
Jim Tursi
Lewis & Clark Head Women's Soccer Coach
503-768-7550 [email protected]
Cole McCool
Linfield Head Women's Soccer Coach
503-883-2751 [email protected]
Steve Lucas
Pacific Head Women's Soccer Coach
503-352-2913 [email protected]
Seth Spidahl
Pacific Lutheran Head Women's Soccer Coach
253-376-7687 [email protected]
Joseph Vari
Puget Sound Head Women's Soccer Coach
[email protected]
Laura Williamson
Whitman Head Women's Soccer Coach
509-522-4447 [email protected]
Bryan Olson
Whitworth Head Women's Soccer Coach
509-777-4206 [email protected]
Hillary Arthur
Willamette Head Women's Soccer Coach
503-370-6657 [email protected]

Softball Coaches

Name Title Phone E-Mail
Jessica Hollen
George Fox Head Softball Coach
503-554-2921 [email protected]
Shawna Cyrus
Lewis & Clark Head Softball Coach
503-768-7552 [email protected]
Jackson Vaughan
Linfield Head Softball Coach
503-883-2413 [email protected]
Liz Yandall
Pacific Head Softball Coach
503-352-2837 [email protected]
Brandi Gordon Bennett
Pacific Lutheran Head Softball Coach
253-535-7352 [email protected]
Kellyn Tate
Puget Sound Head Softball Coach
253-879-3444 [email protected]
Cristal Brown
Whitworth Head Softball Coach
509-777-4397 [email protected]
Damian Williams
Willamette Head Softball Coach
503-370-6656 [email protected]

Swimming Coaches

Name Title Phone E-Mail
Natalie Turner
George Fox Head Swim Coach
[email protected]
Chris Fantz
Lewis & Clark Head Swim Coach
503-768-7189 [email protected]
Kyle Kimball
Linfield Head Swim Coach
503-883-2526 [email protected]
Alec Webster
Pacific Head Swim Coach
503-352-2066 [email protected]
Matt Sellman
Pacific Lutheran Head Swim Coach
253-363-3748 [email protected]
Chris Myhre
Puget Sound Head Swim Coach
253-879-3146 [email protected]
Jennifer Blomme
Whitman Head Swim Coach
509-5274-5287 [email protected]
Steve Schadt
Whitworth Head Swim Coach
509-777-4778 [email protected]
Leslie Shevlin
Willamette Head Swim Coach
503-370-6601 [email protected]

Tennis Coaches

Name Title Phone E-Mail
Neal Ninteman
George Fox Head Men's Tennis Coach
503-554-2913 [email protected]
Rick Cruz
George Fox Head Women's Tennis Coach
503-554-2913 [email protected]
Patrick Dreves
Lewis & Clark Head Men's & Women's Tennis Coach
503-768-7033 [email protected]
Ben Belletto
Linfield Head Men's Tennis Coach
909-973-5624 [email protected]
Lisa Macy-Baker
Linfield Head Women's Tennis Coach
503-883-2710 [email protected]
Carl Swanson
Linfield Head Women's Tennis Coach
503-883-2414 [email protected]
Pete Yellico
Pacific Head Men's Tennis Coach
503-352-2968 [email protected]
Traci Binder
Pacific Head Women's Tennis Coach
[email protected]
Matt Look
Pacific Lutheran Head Men's Tennis Coach
206-300-5890 [email protected]
Lorrie Wood
Pacific Lutheran Head Women's Tennis Coach
253-535-7352 [email protected]
DJ Janssen
Puget Sound Interim Men's & Women's Head Tennis Coach
[email protected]
Jeff Northam
Whitman Head Men's Tennis Coach
509-527-5886 [email protected]
John Hein
Whitman Head Women's Tennis Coach
509-527-5262 [email protected]
Mike Shanks
Whitworth Head Men's Tennis Coach
509-777-3726 [email protected]
Rachel Aldridge
Whitworth Head Women's Tennis Coach
509-777-3596 [email protected]
Rick Wood
Willamette Head Men's Tennis Coach
503-370-6841 [email protected]
Bryce Parmelly
Willamette Head Women's Tennis Coach
(503) 370-6804 [email protected]

Track & Field Coaches

Name Title Phone E-Mail
John Smith
George Fox Head Track and Field Coach
503-554-2915 [email protected]
Keith Woodard
Lewis & Clark Head Track and Field Coach
503-768-7025 [email protected]
Travis Olson
Linfield Head Track and Field Coach
503-883-2530 [email protected]
Matt Lydum
Pacific Head Track and Field Coach
503-352-2164 [email protected]
Adam Frye
Pacific Lutheran Head Track & Field Coach
253-535-7371 [email protected]
Mike Orechia
Puget Sound Head Track and Field Coach
253-879-3453 [email protected]
Toby Schwarz
Whitworth Head Track and Field Coach
503-777-4361 [email protected]
Matt McGuirk
Willamette Head Track and Field Coach
503-370-6898 [email protected]

Women's Volleyball Coaches

Name Title Phone E-Mail
Emily Palkert
George Fox Head Women's Volleyball Coach
503-554-2945 [email protected]
Stacie Matz-Gordon
Lewis & Clark Head Women's Volleyball Coach
503-768-7547 [email protected]
Shane Kimura
Linfield Head Women's Volleyball Coach
503-883-2532 [email protected]
Kip Yoshimura
Pacific Head Women's Volleyball Coach
503-352-3152 [email protected]
Kevin Aoki
Pacific Lutheran Head Women's Volleyball Coach
253-536-1900 [email protected]
Mark Massey
Puget Sound Head Women's Volleyball Coach
253-879-3412 [email protected]
Matt Helm
Whitman Head Women's Volleyball Coach
509-527-5264 [email protected]
Kati Bodecker
Whitworth Head Women's Volleyball Coach
509-777-4391 [email protected]
Tom Shoji
Willamette Head Women's Volleyball Coach
503-370-6230 [email protected]